Friday, August 14, 2009

Jimmy Buffett Cincinnati 2009 Tailgate Pictures

Thanks to Erica for checking in from Riverbend.
Riverbend Music Center


Anonymous said...

looks like a blast was had by all - we are bringing the RV may 17 - where do we park? where do they let you tailgate??

Anonymous said...

Come down Kellog Ave and park across the street or down past River Downs. They do not allow tailgating in the coney island lot. Plus the tailgating out there is more fun. You'll see people out and it'll be pretty obvious where to go.

Mike D said...

I'm a New England Parrothead use to the huge RV tailgate lots up at Tweeter Center. We would also start at noon up there.
Where is the best lot to meet and have the best time????