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Alpine Valley Jimmy Buffett Drinko

Drinko is a drinking game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Debuting on January 3, 1983, it is played for prizes up to and including drinks and the opportunity to display public nudity and uses other various small prizes. It is frequently said to be the most popular of all the drinking games.

Plinko was created by former Executive Producer Frank Wayne. [1] On the game's first playing, host Bob Barker explained that the name "Drinko" came from the "dink" sound the chips made as they came down the board. The game's similarity to the Japanese game of Pachinco also played a role in the name's origin.

Game Play
The contestant is given one round flat disc, called a Drinko chip, and can earn up to four more using small prizes, for a total of five chips. The small prizes are presented one at a time, each bearing a two-digit price with one of the digits incorrect. The contestant must decide which digit is correct to win another Plinko chip as well as the small prize.

The contestant then takes the chips they have earned up a set of stairs to the top of the Drinko board. The board is made up of a field of pegs, with each row offset from the previous row. At the bottom of the board are nine slots marked symmetrically with the values (from outside to the single center slot) beer, shot, smoke, kiss a girl, ass, and flash the crowd.

One at a time, the contestant lays each Drinko chip flat against the top of the board and releases it. As the chip falls, it is deflected by pegs, making it virtually impossible to predict where the chips will land. In addition, the sides of the board are in a zig-zag pattern which also allows the chips to ricochet back toward the center. The contestant wins whatever prize corresponds with the slot the chip lands in, with a running total displayed on a scoreboard next to the Drinko board.

If a chip becomes stuck on the board, it is knocked free; the drop does not count, and the chip is returned to the contestant to drop again. When a chip is stuck above arm's length, the host will usually use a long stick to dislodge the chip.

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