Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jimmy Buffett's 2008 Return to Detroit

Jimmy Buffett made his long awaited return to Detroit on June 10, 2008. We have a better chance of determining Jimmy Hoffa's fate than we do of knowing why Jimmy has been reduced to a mid-week, one night stand every couple of years from a guy that used to camp out at Pine Knob for legendary, three day, holiday weekend stands. I guess we take what we can get.
Great to see Jimmy giving the 2008 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings some props!
Crack Detroit News Music Columnist, and former Rochester Hills childhood neighbor of our own 3CARSVO, Adam Graham tells it like it was:
By Adam Graham on Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 9:21 AM

A tourist in Margaritaville

Last night I experienced my very first Jimmy Buffett concert, and I may be one of the few revelers who's not nursing a hangover this morning. (The News tends to frown upon drinking while on the job -- otherwise I'd be right there with everyone else.)

During the span of several hours in the parking lot before the show, I:

* Saw thousands of people partying like it was a Saturday, not a Tuesday;

* Saw more inflatable things -- trees, innertubes, monkeys, sharks -- than I've ever seen in my life, outside of a carnival midway;

* Had at least a dozen people offer me Jello shots;

* Was told by at least two people that I need to loosen up and start partying;

* Witnessed one guy driving a motorized cooler;

* Saw one marriage proposal.

Eat your heart out, Kenny Chesney!
Adam also has a great video available here:
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