Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bikini Body Shots

A body shot is a shot of alcohol (such as tequila) that is consumed off of a person's body, usually from erogenous zones such as the navel or the breasts.

Rum cream, a Jamaican original, is considered an ideal liquor for body shots since it has the consistency of Bailey's Irish Cream, therefore lingering in the erogenous areas longer before "running south," enabling a longer licking time.

In one version of the body shot, the person taking the shot holds a shot glass of tequila in one hand, while the person giving the shot holds a wedge of lime (or lemon) in his or her mouth. The person taking the shot then licks a body part of his or her choosing on the person giving the shot, sprinkles salt on that body part, and then licks the salt off of the body part. He or she then downs the tequila and then takes the citrus wedge out of the subject's mouth using only his or her mouth.

Another version of the body shot requires licking the partner's body as the shot runs down them. In example, the person having liquor poured on them lays on a table, floor, or any other flat surface, slightly propped up, leaning on an arm perhaps. The person taking the shot positions him or herself around the belt buckle. A third person then pours the shot slowly into the navel of the person laying down, and the person taking the shot must lick or suck the liquor up before it runs into the clothes of the person laying down. This can also be done on the breasts, and with practice, the thighs, penis or buttocks.

This practice can be very arousing if done correctly. In some cultures it is a form of foreplay.
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