Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AmphiCoach can get you to Alpine Valley

It's a Bus?
It's a Boat?
Well the AmphiCoach GTS1 is actually both and looks like the most kick-ass Jimmy Buffett tailgate bus that you will ever see.

The Coaches hulls are built using 6mm Marine Grade Aluminium (Hydro 5083). This is the best suited material for this application, due to its lightweight and superior strength qualities. The uniquely designed watertight compartmented hull design includes collision bulkheads which help to make the coach relatively unsinkable. In the unlikely event that the hull is breached or swamped, the vehicle will remain completely upright and afloat, making it in our opinion and of our experts surveyors, the safest amphibious passenger vehicle in the world.

The Amphicoach utilises a marine jet drive unit specifically designed for the amphicoach by one of the worlds leading manufacturer in jet propulsion, this is driven by the vehicles main power plant. An electric propulsion system is also available, and is the ultimate in green power for areas which would benefit from the silence and zero emission levels achieved from this technology. This would still provide equal performance to the standard marine propulsion. An onboard whisper quiet generator is incorporated into the drive train, so that the vehicle can be used as long as required without any loss of power. The system is then recharged by a high powered alternator system whilst on the road segment of the journey.

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