Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Beer Bong

Bonging a Beer is the act of using a funnel, or beer bong, to rapidly consume a large amount of liquid, most commonly beer or a similar alcoholic beverage, as a drinking game or as a means to consume a large amount of alcohol in a small amount of time. The inherent challenge is to swallow the rapid flow of beer in one attempt, without spillages.
"I bet she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose"

Funneling (or tubing) beer in this fashion is made significantly more difficult when foam (or froth) is present. The bubbles rapidly fill the drinker's mouth and throat, impeding the flow of liquid and can cause the attempt to be abandoned due to coughing fits. Part of the purpose for the funnel itself, aside from allowing more volume, is to allow a greater surface area for the foam to subside than a tube alone would be able to.

For optimum results, a funnel should be de-foamed before use. This makes it easier to drink the beer, as there is little or no foam to choke on. The choice of beverage can have a significant effect on the amount of foam. In the UK, "smoothflow"-style bitter beers are readily available and - when chilled adequately - generate very little foam.

The drinker may choose to de-foam the apparatus by sealing their end of the tube with a finger, lowering their end of the tubing and raising the funnel up in the air. This ensures that the air bubbles will travel up and escape out of the funnel, leaving the drinker with a clean tube with no foam.

Rinsing the apparatus with ice-cold water beforehand can also help reduce foam, as does the choice of plastic tubing used.
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