Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Limbo

Limbo is a dance that originated on the island of Trinidad, though Hawaii is often mistakenly associated with limbo. The dancer moves to a Caribbean rhythm, then leans backward and dances under a horizontal stick without touching it. Upon touching it or falling backwards, the dancer is "out". When several dancers compete, they travel in single file, and the stick is gradually lowered until only one dancer — who has not touched either the stick or the floor — remains.

In recent years, limbo dancing has been conducted as a social "icebreaker" game for fans at Jimmy Buffett concerts as well as in the Caribbean and other tropical resorts.
The winning dancer often receives a prize.

The name comes directly from the Trinidad dialect of English; Merriam-Webster (see definition #2) lists the etymology as "English of Trinidad & Barbados; akin to Jamaican English limba to bend, from English limber".

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