Friday, July 06, 2007

Captain Tony Terracino 1926 - 2008

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Captain Tony Terracino was a legend in Key West and far beyond the borders of the little Island. Former Mayor of Key West, Gunrunner, etc., the man's life was like an Indiana Jones adventure movie, only all the stories were true. As Buffett wrote about Tony in the song "Last Mango In Paris," "A Legend Never Dies."
I had to search my memory
As I looked into those eyes
Our lives change like the weather
But a legend never dies.

Captain Tony Terracino passed away Saturday, November 1, 2008. He was 92.
Godspeed Captain

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Anonymous said...

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Captain Tony when a friend of mine and I ventured to Key West for a week at the invitation of locals met earlier in the year. At that time (circa 1985) there were no cruse ships and no crowds like there are today. Hanging at the locals bars was (and is) always better than the tourist spots. Captain Tony regaled us with stories, bought us drinks, and promised to take Susan and myself to Vegas if he was elected mayor. He was a character I'll never forget, and didn't know of his passing until this morning, when my memory was jogged by lines from a song... rest in peace, Captain Tony... you will never be forgotten and your legend lives on.